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My name is Angela Knotts and I'm a Research Associate at WestEd, an educational research, development, and service organization headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We focus on moving research into practice by conducting research and development (R&D) programs, projects, and evaluations; by providing training and technical assistance; and by working with policymakers and practitioners at state and local levels to carry out large-scale school improvement and innovative change efforts.

I work on WestEd's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program. I've worked on a number of projects focused on mathematics education and math teacher professional development/professional learning, including Linear Functions for Teaching, Using Math Pathways and Pitfalls to Promote Algebra Readiness, Khan Academy Resources for Maximizing Mathematics Achievement, Charter School Teachers Online, Building Educator Assessment Literacy (in partnership with SCALE), and PD work for the WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network. Specifically, my interests include grade 3-5 teacher mathematics content knowledge development; the relationship between content knowledge, math efficacy, and mathematics teacher efficacy, algebra readiness; implementing rich tasks in heterogenous classrooms; school culture around doing and teaching mathematics; and building effective professional learning communities. Prior to joining WestEd I taught middle school and high school in the Bay Area (basic math support through AP Calculus), and also supported pre- and in-service teachers in a variety of professional development roles.

I also LOVE reading books. My favorite genres include:

  • Classics
  • Gorgeous general fiction of all stripes (Paul Auster, David Mitchell, etc.)
  • Exceptionally good fantasy (less of the high/epic stuff unless truly worthy)
  • Light sci fi (easy on the technobabble & futuristic tropes)
  • Mysteries
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Young/new adult (as long as it's light on the schmoopy)
  • Anything super ambitious that's just flat-out brilliant (I should probably just call this category "Neal Stephenson" & be done with it.)

My other interests include distance running, martial arts, & delicious wine.



All opinions shared here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of WestEd or the WestEd STEM Program.

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