The WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network

Implementing the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics requires collaboration to strengthen teaching and learning. WestEd and the Silicon Valley Math Initiative (SVMI) have partnered to help school districts in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties) successfully implement these standards and prepare for Smarter Balanced assessments.

The WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network supports educator leadership teams preparing all students to be college and career ready in mathematics through:

  • Networking and learning opportunities for mathematics teachers, coaches, and administrators focused on high-quality mathematics teaching and learning
  • Collaborating on and sharing learning related to common problems of practice
  • Identifying and implementing policies, practices, and strategies that result in deep mathematics learning in every classroom
  • Professional Learning to Enhance Mathematics Instruction

Teams from member school districts engage in these sustained mathematics learning events:

  • Annual 5-day Summer Institute focused on mathematics content and pedagogy, and formative assessment, with design guided by the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (NCTM, 2014), and the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRUmath) dimensions and framework (Schoenfeld, 2014)
  • Quarterly Professional Development Seminars to sustain momentum and deepen participants’ understanding of, and build their instructional capacity to, implement the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, including integrating SVMI resources to support formative assessment, Common Core Instructional Shifts, and using data to inform instruction
  • Professional Development Webinars addressing current mathematics education issues keep participants engaged and up-to-date between seminars. Webinars are open to all teachers and administrators in WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network districts

Creating and Supporting Collaboration Among Mathematics Leaders

District teams in the WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network participate in the following leadership events to support a virtual leadership network across districts to develop systemic impact within and across member districts:

  • Mathematics Leadership Network engages mathematics coaches and teacher leaders in professional development to improve their coaching/leadership practice; share ideas around mathematics content, teaching strategies, and learning theory; and network with coaches/leaders from across the WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network
  • Administrator Math Collaborative Seminars are designed to develop a collaborative relationship among site administrators and mathematics coaches around commonly held high expectations to support quality mathematics instruction and improved student achievement

Rigorous Assessments to Prepare Students and Teachers for the Common Core

WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network members have access to the following rigorous mathematics assessment content, tasks, and tools that are aligned with the new standards:

  • Performance-based math exams (grades 2–10; English and Spanish) and scoring materials that can be used formatively in the classroom or summatively at the district or school level
  • Task library with over 80 tasks for each grade level, along with rubrics, standardizing papers, and practice tests Problem-of-the-Month library with over 40 problem sets and teacher notes
  • Tools for Teachers: resources to support formative assessment

Members use these resources formatively throughout the year, as a part of regular classroom instruction. In addition, the annual Mathematics Assessment Collaborative assessment, held each spring, provides a summative assessment opportunity for districts, as well as an opportunity for teachers to learn rubric-scoring and to plan instructional next steps based on student performance.

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This project is funded in part by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through their College-Ready Education program.

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